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Supporting our wounded,
the fallen, and their
families since 2017

About Us

Our organization exists to support and honor military, law enforcement, and special forces operators and their families in times of difficulty. Whether it’s providing for the family after a family member has died in service, or supporting an injured service member to help them get back on their feet, our organization fills immediate needs so they can more quickly see the other side of hard times.


Get Involved

Supporting Tomahawk Charitable Solutions with a donation or at an event helps us support our community of law enforcement and military families. Donate today!

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Spring 2024

Music City Golf

Join us for a fun day out on the course in our annual golf tournament!


Fall 2024

Annual Nashville


Our Nashville Benefit Dinner and Auction raises money to support our special operations forces and law enforcement communities.


"The Tomahawk Charitable Foundation makes it possible for all of us to serve, care for, and support our community."

Paul Frankenberg

Support TCS

We work with reputable charities to turn your donation into action, making an immediate and ongoing impact on the communities we serve.

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Contact Us

Suite #110
Nashville, TN 37220

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